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Special promotions and "push" marketing is the "rage" for promoting brands to consumers - bordering on overkill.  Promotional marketing is also emerging in the wholesale market.  The goal with Insider Deals in the consumer and wholesale markets is to provide a social media venue to host and showcase "deals" to consumers and trade-only buyers.   Insider Deals partnered with Groupon to provide buyer promotions for consumers, then housed it in our own Insider Deal Store.  The Insider Deal Store also is home for non-Groupon promotions providing a full suite of promotions consumers/buyers can select and vendors can run.   Insider Deals creates the campaign, hosts the deal and promotes it to prospects.                      Learn More

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e-Post Cards

We live in the new and rapidly  emerging age of online promotion with emails "Gone Wild," consumed with "push-marketing"  hourly specials, plus normal emails.  Special promotions and normal promotions are must do's, but care must be taken to develop a professional and compelling proposition - emails that get open and seen.   Marketing and web campaigns, at the Retail Registry, were founded on promoting our venues to consumers and trade-only buyers.  We can assist with a standard program or by defining a program that  works best for you...followed by  our  design and implementation services. 

e-Post Card Program  (The Aisles Booth Promotion)

Remember when Trade Shows provided post cards for exhibitors to mail to their buyers?   That's still a good idea - but we do it electronically at The Aisles Trade Show as a part of the Exhibitor booth rental.  e-Post Card is a professional email campaign to the exhibitor buyers that says.... "Come see us we are showing at The Aisles Booth #123." Optionally, we can run multiple campaigns for exhibitors and this program applies to members attending various physical trade shows.  

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Web Services, from the Retail Registry, recognize today's need to have an electronic presence in both the consumer and wholesale market.  We understand many do not have the time, internal staff or local resource to implement the latest social media platforms, tools and APPS.  The following Retail Registry Services provide consulting, design and implemention tailored to your branding goals and existing web presence. 

Web Marketing Services  (Outsourcing/Turn-key)

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