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The Listings

My Insider Deal 

Back to the good ole days with one important technology twist.  The Listings electronic directories provide the consumer and wholesale communities with a familiar alphabetic list of members, by category, plus a full SEARCH engine that uses hash tags (search key words) and industry classifications.   The Listings provide a brief description, links to the registrants electronic collateral, plus comments and "likes" social media features.  Directory enrollment and maintenance is easy.   The Listings provides a valuable Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  tool to enhance being FOUND .                                                                                             

Special promotions and "push" marketing is the "rage" for promoting brands to consumers - bordering on overkill.  Promotional marketing is also emerging in the wholesale market.  The goal with Insider Deals in the consumer and wholesale markets is to provide a social media venue to host and showcase "deals" to consumers and trade-only buyers.   Insider Deals partnered with Groupon to provide buyer promotions for consumers, then housed it in our own Insider Deal Store.  The Insider Deal Store also is home for non-Groupon promotions providing a full suite of promotions consumers/buyers can select and vendors can run.   Insider Deals creates the campaign, hosts the deal and promotes it to prospects.                    

A juried virtual Trade Show for the wholesale market designed to simulate the buyer-exhibitor experience found in today's physical trade shows.  Exhibitors rent booths with options to select the latest APPS to connect to the representative and link to their existing  web collateral.  Wholesale buyers, authenticated by the Retail Registry, can SEARCH and/or "Walk the Aisles" previewing a line before entering a booth.  Buyers can save "favorites" and actually "leave paper" at The AislesThe Aisles e-Trade show runs the entire season extending the physical trade show experience without the costs, travel or hassle by buyers and sellers.  

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The Aisles

e-Trade Show

Buyers Wish List  (Help Me with my Find)

Classified Ads (Sell, Buy, Trade, Post or get a Job)

Vendor Deals (Special Promotions)

The Answer Lab  (Crowd Sourcing - Who is talking about me)

Vendor Deals

Trying to find SOMEONE, a brand or item?  Ask the Retail Registry Wholesale Community!   Put crowd sourcing to work for you.   Post an idea or concept and solicit feedback.  Want to know who is asking about YOU?  To FIND the Answer - SEARCH using your NAME or BRAND and the Answer Lab will display the Identity of the people looking for you or your brand.

The Marketplace Classified Ad is a FREE  traditional classified ad APP.  Post your job or  find a Job.  Post new and used fixtures for sale, office furniture and more.   Don't forget to "Post" what you are looking for in the Classified Ad "wish-list."

Vendors "Self-Post" special promotion merchandise for immediate or future delivery, as well as time sensitive promotions. Buyers looking for special promotions can Search The Marketplace for  Vendor Deals  based on industry classification and category. 

The Buyer Merchandise Wish List allows Buyers to "self-post" merchandise they "need."  This enables Vendors SEARCH based on a specific item, classification or category they have to sell.  The Search candidate set displays Buyers are looking for that item.   This is a novel change and a great way for stores to save valuable time, as well as for stores to find new vendors.     YEA...a reverse Market approach.

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Retail Registry Recommends (Juried "Best in Show")

Retail Registry Recommends enables buyers and members of the Retail Registry "jury" to highlight very special collections and items.  For buyers RRR represents new "Finds" with endoresment and for vendors additional recognition.  The criteria for selection is the accumulation of "Likes" from Retail Registry wholesale community members, buyer recommendations and market visits by RR staff members.  Join the RRR Group to stay abreast.    


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The Aisles  (Electronic Trade Show)

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Cloud-Based APPS for the Industry

Electronic Order Forms   

Page Turning eBrochures  


Order Forms  



Imagine.....enabling your buyers to access your order form online,  fill  it out and  have the totals automatically calculated.  Then, with one click - emailed to you.   

Convert your printed brochure, look book, line sheet or product catalogue into a modern electronic page-turning brochure that can be emailed, viewable from your website, or your Aisles e-Booth.   Combined with online Order Forms, buyers have everything they need to place orders from the cloud  

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