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Atlanta – February 12, 2012.  Retail Electronic Visions, Inc. a leading developer of Internet social media registration venues, under their Retail Registry brand, is launching "THE AISLES" a social media based trade show for the apparel, accessories, gift, footwear and jewelry markets. The Aisles will enable brands, vendors and showrooms to rent an electronic booth with the latest technology, utilizing web-casting, online chats, Skype, videos, blogs, interactive videos, promotional deals, private networks and e-commerce, plus link to their existing web collateral. Buyers, authenticated by the Retail Registry, will be able to "Walk the Aisles", view and search for exhibitors using key search words, hash tags and industry classifications. The Aisles is an electronic solution for today’s physical trade shows providing the power of social APPS to strengthen, enrich and modernize the buyer–seller market experience.

Recognizing the growing demand for a changing market place, The Aisles was developed by the Retail Registry to combine the familiar physical trade show experience with a modern virtual-reality world. Because of the economy, buyers are making fewer (and shorter) trips to trade shows. As the wholesale and retail industry continues to struggle, vendors are looking for alternative ways to show and sell their products. The result is that many brands are rethinking the wisdom of relying on physical trade shows. THE AISLES has raised the bar with a global presence that combines extraordinary virtual presentations, connecting authenticated buyers and juried exhibitors with greater effectiveness through the convenience of the personal computer, tablet or smart phone.

The Aisles exhibitor booth provides a ready-made solution for vendors to enrich their existing web presence, as well as providing a simple and productive way for those without a web site to enter the electronic arena. Exhibiting in The Aisles offers an opportunity to promote and re-kindle relationships with existing customers and prospects, while finding a new audience without any geographical limitations. The Aisles offers every vendor an opportunity to showcase their goods quickly and cost effectively to a global audience.

Buyers can browse or "walk" the aisles, looking at exhibitor booths with the style and finesse that accompanies trade shows around the world. Buyer check-in and authentication (one time only) is completed by the Retail Registry before buyers can enter booths and/or search for products. Buyers can search for brands by name, sales representative, season, category, classification, fabric, Insider Deals, trading area, or search key words like "Made in the USA." Buyers can chat online with a representative, ask questions for a video response, or even attend a scheduled live web-cast presentation.

The Industry is changing….Technology is driving new buyer/seller business practices and economic models. The Aisles is the future of virtual trade shows extending the physical trade show presence, leveraging existing electronic capital and ushering in a new way of thinking for electronic buying and selling in the wholesale market worldwide.

About Bonnie White
Bonnie White, the visionary behind The Aisles new initiative to present brands in a virtual Trade Show, has been involved in the Fashion Industry for over thirty years. She has been schooled in all phases of retailing through her department store training with Federated, Allied and the May Company. Her corporate career lead her to European markets as the designer and European Sportswear buyer for Neiman Marcus. As a specialty store chain owner, she was one of the first merchants to recognize the importance of cross merchandising opening one of the first lifestyle stores in the country. Her buying career and wealth of market experience has provided her with a through knowledge of the industries need to migrate our traditional wholesale market practices.

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© 2005 - Retail Registry all rights reserved

© 2005 - Retail Registry all rights reserved