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Convert printed brochures, look books, linesheets or product catalogues into  electronic page-turning brochures that can be emailed, viewable from your website, or your Aisles e-Booth.  

Now, it is as easy as one, two, three...and the Retail Registry provides the services to get you there.

1.  First, CONVERSION.

    a.   From PDF Files 
                  PDF to Page-Turning < 20 pages......$150 one time 
                 PDF to Page-Turning > 20 pages......$300 one time

    b.   From JPG Files  
                 Jpg to Page-Turning <20 Pages.....$350 one time
                Jpg to Page-Turning <20 Pages.....$450 one time


     c.   From Printed Source Documents
                Printed to Page-Turning..........Quote

2.  Second, HOSTING: (In the Cloud)
All Page-Turning electronic collateral is Hosted Online, each with its unique email address.      . 
Page-Turning Hosting.......$25 per month

3.   Third, LINKING:
Link your Page Turning Brochure (URL)  to your websites, Retail Registry "my-profile" or The Aisles Global e-Trade Show and you are ready to showcase your business globably in the Cloud.    

Selling B2B in the Cloud
When vendors combine Online Order Forms with Online Look Books and Line Sheets, buyers now have everything they need to review and place orders online.   For many, this can augment or be an alternative to B2B eCommerce.    


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