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Now you can put your order form online for Buyers to complete, automatically calculate and with the click of a button send directly to your email.
It is as easy as one, two, three...and the Retail Registry provides the services to help you get there.

1.  First,   CONVERSION
If your order form is in Microsoft eXcel - email it to us and we will convert it and place it online (in the cloud) and provide you with a LINK
                          eXcel Online......$250 (one time) 
      1a.   If it is not in eXcel - email or send us a copy and we willl convert it to 
              eXcel,  place it online and provide you with a LINK
                         eXcel Online Conversion.......($400 one time)  

2.  Second, HOSTING
Decide if you want Online Order HOSTING.  
Online Order-Hosting sends you an email for all buyer orders, but also stores all buyer orders online (in the cloud).  This gives you and your designated company employees private web access to all of your orders.   They can be reviewed, displayed in eXcel format, printed and archived. 
Online Order Hosting.......$45 per month

Note:  Combined with Step 1 or 1a above, Online Order Hosting is a full turn-key service from the Retail Registry.  Your order form is converted and set-up in your private, password protected online order form back-office, in addition to providing instructions for daily use .     

3.   Link your Online Order Form (URL) to your websites, Retail Registry "my-profile" e-Booth or e-Store on the Aisles Global e-Trade Show.   You are ready to conduct a global B2B business in the Cloud.    

Selling B2B in the Cloud
When vendors combine Online Order Forms with Online Look Books and Line Sheets, buyers now have everything they need to review and place orders online.   For many, this can augment or be an alternative to traditional B2B eCommerce.