1.  What is the vision behind the Retail Registry?
     To be the Industry Registry providing the latest social
       media web tools and APPS to find and connect members
       to both retail consumers and the wholesale trade-only market.

2.  How will you get buyers to participate?
      The Retail Registry will advertise, launch PR, but the membership happens
       when Vendors invite their stores and then the stores invite their other vendors.
      This social media feature is what makes viral work and networks grow for the 
       benefit of all Members

3.  I am already in Facebook, Twitter, have a website and eStore-
     Why the Retail Registry?
      It is the exclusive venue to build a private collaborative community with your 
       prospects where you can deploy the latest social media tools and APPS.
      You can dialogue show photos, blogs, video. lookbooks, plus link to
      websites and auto-update social media sites so they are in synch with
      the pulse of your business.

4.  I don't have a website - do I need one with The Retail Registry?
NO!. If you are wholesale only. It always helps from an SEO perspective,
      but you can provide a buyer with everything they need to find, select, dialogue
      and close the sale. Email programs announce that you can be found on the
      Retail Registry.

5.  How do I invite my customers and prospects to become my colleague?
     By your standard email promotion and also from your My Page Profile on the Retail Registry.
      Emails can be ported from popular address books or entered via cut and paste.

6.  What does it cost to JOIN the Retail Registry ?
The Retail Registry Wholesale and Retail Professional Communities are FREE

7.  Is the Retail Registry Wholesale or Retail?
It is Both. We recognize the trend that our vendors must address both physical (trade-only)
      market demands and also online direct with eCommerce. The Retail Registry goal is to
      help all members reach both markets.     

8.  How does the Retail Registry Authenticate Buyers?
The Wholesale community is Private. and membership is approved. All members must apply,
       fill out their Profile and it is submitted before they can enter. Key elements of the profile quickly
       establish if the applicant is legitimate or suspecious. Questionable applicants go through a more
       intense screening prior to approval.

9.  What do the GROUPS do for their members?
     Groups represent a smaller community of members with a like interest. Members can
       participate in a forum and/or meet dialogue with other members. Like interests form
       at great basis for extending your colleague networks

10.  Can I start my own Group in the Retail Registry?
Yes you can. All Groups are approved by the Retail Registry before going live.

11.  How do "Likes" work?
       Just like Facebook. When you see a photo, blog or comment with a Like ICON, you can click on
         it and this records your like on the item for other to see and also builds a likes record on your My
         Page Profile. This is a great buyer feature because they can now storage cabinet to review all
         of their Likes. The owner also knows the popularity of their post or photo etc.

12.  I am a member of Linked In, Facebook and Twitter - how do they fit?
They are a great fit! Popular social media sites bring new prospects. The Retail Registry uses
          the same familiar tools to work with them in a true secure trade-only environment or special
          consumer relationship void of the social public or general business clutter. Remember all
          collateral launched in the Retail Registry can automatically update popular social media sites.

13.  What is the purpose of the Buyer "Wish List"
A Free venue where a buyer posts their needs by classification and category and vendors
         can search based on their available stock. It is the reverse of vendor has and buyer wants.

14.  How many marketing campaigns will you run for me?
Under marketing services - as many as you want. In The Aisles e-Trade Show each
         Exhibitor gets one ePost Card announcement with their booth. More are optional.

15.  What is the purpose of the Answer Lab?
       The Wiki approach to finding an answer. The community is really a great resource
        for all sorts of information. We wanted members to be able to tap into the
        community wisdom. The Answer Lab is a free self-posting community venue.

16.  What equipment do I need to present in The Aisles Theater?    
A Web Cam or Attach a Video device to your computer. We work with you to make sure
         everything works prior to the presentation. 

17.  How do I get Insider Deals going ?
       If you are undecided on what to do and want to discuss options - contact us. We will be pleased 
         to work with you. If you know....start with the Insider Deal website and simply fill out the Insider
         Deal form. It works for all promotions. Submission puts you in touch with our marketing staff
         to review your campaign goals.



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